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  ◆The machining process was completely done onto Three-dimensional Processing Center LNC Taiwan. The software program can ensure the interconvertibility.

  ◆There is not the seam cross-linking material due to the reasonable design, even heating & easy operation. The channel keeps smooth without the blind corner.

  ◆Each layer can centering automatically and has the function centering & manual centering & fast die-change.

  ◆The crosshead materials for 38CrMoAIA and adopts the sphenecal sealing through the connection guide tube and thread pressing mode.

  ◆The crosshead can achieve the single layer extrusion, dual-layer & triple-layer co-extrusion equipped with the independent spreader and die, easy and convenient to operate, good performance.

  ◆The distributor adopts the Bi-flow design with two advantages: same pressure drop on the length direction and same material flow on the circle direction. And the equal pressure drop cannot bring the secondary eccentric while speed-up with the linkage.

  ◆The design allows a quick change of tools while the crosshead is not disassembled. Under the condition of that the extruder is not cleaned, we can change the dies and ensure the continuous production. If it was the closed specs, we can change the dies without stop.

  ◆The crosshead including the trial dies are all made onto Three-Dimensional Processing Center

  ◆Quick change of tools time: about 5mins.

  ◆三层共挤干法交联机头 Triple-layer Co-extrusion Dry-cure Crosshead

  型号Type: SLJT35/75 SLJT240/120

  进线直径Inlet OD: φ6-φ38mm φ14-φ60mm

  出线直径Outlet OD: ≤φ75mm ≤φ100mm

  挤包厚度Extrusion Thickness:

  Inner Screen: 0.4-2.0mm Inner Screen: 0.5-3.0mm

  Insulation: 2.5-12mm Insulation: 2.5-24mm

  Outer Screen: 0.4-2.0mm Outer Screen:0.5-3.0mm

  ◆三层共挤橡套连硫机头 Triple-layer Co-extrusion Rubber CV Crosshead

  型号Type: XTJT35/75 XTJT35/150

  进线直径 Inlet OD: φ6-φ38mm φ50-φ120mm

  出线直径Outlet OD: ≤φ75mm ≤φ100mm

  挤包厚度Extrusion Thickness:

  Inner Screen: 0.4-2.0mm Inner Screen:1.0-3.0mm

  Insulation: 2.5-12mm Insulation: 2.5-12mm

  Outer Screen: 0.4-2.0mm Outer Screen: 1.0-3.0mm

  ◆单层橡套连硫机头 Single-layer Rubber CV Crosshead

  型号Type: φ80 φ110

  进线直径Inlet OD: φ16-φ60mm φ50-φ90mm

  出线直径Outlet OD: ≤φ80mm ≤φ110mm

  挤包厚度Extrusion Thickness: 2.0-8.0mm 2.0-10.0mm